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BRION RAFFOUL LLP is an intellectual property (IP) law firm located in Ottawa.  Our IP and technology-focused lawyers are known for offering practical, business-oriented legal advice that focuses on protecting your valuable IP, as well as navigating your competitor’s IP.  

BRION RAFFOUL’s team of patent and trademark agents are exceptionally skilled in procuring IP assets. Our patent agents, with backgrounds in engineering and other scientific disciplines, are highly experienced at procuring patents in cutting edge fields, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). We offer a complete suite of IP services that includes managing patents, trademarks, and design registrations in Canada, the United States and worldwide.

Featured News

  • Canadian Changes to Trademark Examination Procedures
    Canadian trademark applications currently face waits of up to two (2) years before receiving a first Examiner’s Report.  On May 3, 2021, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) issued two (2) practice notices in an attempt to address the growing backlog of pending applications.  …

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  • Natalie Raffoul to speak at LESI Conference
    On May 27 at 1:50pm EDT LESI’s Co-Chair, Natalie Raffoul, will be speaking at the 24-hour LESI Virtual Annual Conference. Natalie will be joined by some of the top IP leaders in the world on the Global Challenges for SMEs in B2B Sales panel. …

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  • Brion Raffoul Welcomes Three Law Students!
    Brion Raffoul LLP is delighted to welcome three (3) new law students for 2021 summer internships, starting on May 3, 2021. Joining our team are Arvin Angue, Saranjit Dhindsa, and Julia London.
  • Brion Raffoul LLP Celebrates World IP Day
    Today, Brion Raffoul celebrates World IP Day. The theme for 2021 is IP and SMEs: Taking your ideas to market. Intellectual Property rights are crucial to helping SMEs take their innovations to the next level, and play a fundamental role in encouraging innovation and …

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