Not Your Typical Trademark

Sights, sounds, smells, and more.  Trademarks in Canada can now appeal to all your senses and take many different forms. The purpose of a trademark is to indicate the source of a product or service.  Typically, when we think about trademarks, we think of words and logos.  But …

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Patents for a Food Coma and Canadian Thanksgiving!

Canadian Thanksgiving is six weeks ahead of its more famous counterpart in the United States.  This gives Canadians a six-week headstart ahead of festivities south of the US-Canadian border — but we still celebrate with pumpkin pie, (Canadian) football, and of course, plenty of turkey.   In celebration, Brion …

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Chris Chiavatti called to the Ontario Bar

Brion Raffoul is delighted to announce that our current articling student, Chris Chiavatti, was called to the Ontario Bar on Friday August 27. Chris is a member of our patent practice, specializing in prosecution of biotechnology, biomedical, and chemical applications. Congratulations Chris!

For a Worldwide Reach: Protecting Your Brand Internationally

The “Madrid Protocol” lets trademark owners seek international protection for their marks quickly and efficiently.  Instead of filing separate applications in multiple countries, an applicant can file their mark in 124 countries through a single application at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  Canada joined the system in …

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Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH): Fast Lane to Canadian Patents

By Julia London & Chris Chiavatti Applicants who wish to patent an invention in Canada should consider the Patent Prosecution Highway (“PPH”) to accelerate patent prosecution at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (“CIPO”).  The PPH[1] is an excellent tool to save time and cut costs. The CIPO currently …

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Brion Raffoul LLP welcomes Stephanie Williams to the firm!

Stephanie is an IP lawyer with a primary focus on our trademark practice.  Stephanie will also assist with IP licensing matters and provide general legal advice around intellectual property protection.  Prior to working for Brion Raffoul, Stephanie worked for another leading Canadian IP firm.  Prior to law school, …

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