Forget me, Forget me not: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

By: Stephanie Williams (IP Lawyer) & Jose Seba (Senior Associate) Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of protecting their brands in the Canadian market. Interest in acquiring trademark registration in Canada has increased significantly in the last several years.  From 2015 to 2021, the volume of new trademark …

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Happy Canada Day, EH!

Did you know that Baseball; American Football; Basketball and Hockey originated in Canada? Not only is Canada known to be friendly and beautiful, but we also created some of America’s favourite sports. Here are a few examples of how Canadians have impacted the sports world. Basketball In 1891, …

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One Step Forward: Canadian Software Patents

By: Liz Gray (IP Lawyer) with research assistance by Greg Parth (Summer Student) Close to two years ago, the Canadian Federal Court ruled in Choueifaty that the “problem-solution approach”, then applied by the Canadian Patent Office (CIPO) to determine whether claims recite patentable subject matter, was incorrect in …

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Welcome to the firm!

BRION RAFFOUL LLP is delighted to welcome two (2) new law students for 2022 summer internships, starting on May 2, 2022. Joining our team are Gabriella Fortugno & Greg Parth. Welcome to the firm!

Amazon’s Brand Registry: One More Reason to Trademark your Brand!

In case you needed another reason to consider trademarking your brand, Amazon’s Brand Registry offers many benefits to trademark owners and applicants selling on the Amazon marketplace. Sales of counterfeit goods have long been problematic in online marketplaces, including Amazon.  Counterfeiting is a deterrent both for businesses and …

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Watch Out for the Rings! Advertising and the Olympics

Thinking of taking advantage of the Olympic games to benefit your business? Know the rules! For the second time in less than a year, the Olympic games are upon us and athletes from around the world have gathered to compete.  The Games are an attractive target for advertising—but …

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