Jörgen Kvist

Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]
613.521.8844 x 105

With over 10 years of management experience in the areas of business development, supply chain and project management, and over 5 years of experience as a C-suite executive, Jörgen’s expertise is in leading organizations primarily focused on change management, business transformation, enterprise architecture and sales growth. His personal strengths include a positive approach to team leadership, determination in meeting company goals, flexibility and creative thinking. As a leader, Jörgen inspires growth and development in his colleagues, and collaborates with all members of the business community to meet the challenges that require innovative solutions.

Under Jörgen’s leadership streamlining and restructuring initiatives, significant growth in sales, and cost savings within the areas of supply chain, strategic purchasing and inventory management have been both financially beneficial, and allowed for creative focus in other areas of the business.  In conjunction, Jörgen implemented ERP/CRM systems to improve overall efficiency of transparency and alignment of the business process.

Jörgen’s project management portfolio is extensive.  Based on PMI, Jörgen developed a PMO identifying clear steps using developed templates for completing each individual business case, documentation process, and project resource allocation.

While Jörgen’s career began in the mining and heavy equipment industries in Europe, his professional roles deployed him globally to provide leadership in other industries, including in the high tech sector.

Jörgen holds a B.Sc. with a focus on Industrial Engineering and Finance.  As well, he holds an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School of the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland.

Education and qualifications:

B.Sc. (Industrial Eng.), University of Kristianstad, Sweden

M.B.A., Edinburgh Business School of the Heriot-Watt University, Scotland

Executive Management Training (FEM) at SSE School of Economics, Stockholm


Swedish, English and German (Conversational)