How the IP Assist Program Can Help Your Business Achieve its IP Goals

Written by: Christopher Chiavatti (IP Lawyer) & Liz Gray (IP Lawyer) Canadian small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can access the federal government’s expanded Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) to help support innovation.  The expanded IRAP program now includes the “IP Assist” program to help Canadian SMEs in their …

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Patenting Software in Canada: More Evolutions of the Test?

By: Liz Gray (IP Lawyer) Oral arguments were heard today at the Federal Court of Appeal in the case of Benjamin Moore & Co. v. Attorney General of Canada (“Benjamin Moore”). As we previously reported, the Federal Court ordered the Commissioner of Patents (i.e., the Canadian Intellectual Property …

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Doing Business in Quebec? New French requirements!

By: Christopher Chiavatti (IP Lawyer) & Greg Parth (Summer Student) Quebec’s recently passed Bill 96 strengthens requirements for the use of French, including for businesses operating in Quebec.  In this article, we highlight three areas to which businesses will want to pay particular attention: Contracts; Trademarks; and Penalties …

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Forget me, Forget me not: Canadian Intellectual Property Office

By: Stephanie Williams (IP Lawyer) & Jose Seba (Senior Associate) Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of protecting their brands in the Canadian market. Interest in acquiring trademark registration in Canada has increased significantly in the last several years.  From 2015 to 2021, the volume of new trademark …

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One Step Forward: Canadian Software Patents

By: Liz Gray (IP Lawyer) with research assistance by Greg Parth (Summer Student) Close to two years ago, the Canadian Federal Court ruled in Choueifaty that the “problem-solution approach”, then applied by the Canadian Patent Office (CIPO) to determine whether claims recite patentable subject matter, was incorrect in …

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Welcome to the firm!

BRION RAFFOUL LLP is delighted to welcome two (2) new law students for 2022 summer internships, starting on May 2, 2022. Joining our team are Gabriella Fortugno & Greg Parth. Welcome to the firm!