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Nike Sues Lululemon: Who Should Be Sweating?

Nike is suing Vancouver-based Lululemon for allegedly wilfully infringing six patents owned by Nike.  The patents at issue relate to fitness technology used by Mirror, a home-gym company acquired by Lululemon in 2020.  Among examples of the allegedly infringing technology given by Nike is an adaptive watch that monitors the heart rate of a …

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Patents for a Food Coma and Canadian Thanksgiving!

Canadian Thanksgiving is six weeks ahead of its more famous counterpart in the United States.  This gives Canadians a six-week headstart ahead of festivities south of the US-Canadian border — but we still celebrate with pumpkin pie, (Canadian) football, and of course, plenty of turkey.   In celebration, Brion …

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Robot Rumpus: Calgary’s Attabotics Sues Boston’s Urbx for Patent Infringement

Attabotics, a Calgary-based robotics company, is suing Urbx, a Boston-based competitor, for alleged patent infringement.  Both Attabotics and Urbx produce automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) for retailers.  Attabotics has a large patent portfolio, with seven (7) issued US patents and dozens of pending applications throughout the world.  …

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For a Worldwide Reach: Protecting Your Brand Internationally

The “Madrid Protocol” lets trademark owners seek international protection for their marks quickly and efficiently.  Instead of filing separate applications in multiple countries, an applicant can file their mark in 124 countries through a single application at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  Canada joined the system in …

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Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH): Fast Lane to Canadian Patents

By Julia London & Chris Chiavatti Applicants who wish to patent an invention in Canada should consider the Patent Prosecution Highway (“PPH”) to accelerate patent prosecution at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (“CIPO”).  The PPH[1] is an excellent tool to save time and cut costs. The CIPO currently …

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Five Fascinating Canadian Inventions (and a Few More!)

Canada Day is tomorrow and what better way to celebrate it in the patent world than looking back at some of the most memorable Canadian inventions and innovations:  Insulin:  Insulin, featured on Canada’s $100 bill, is one of Canada’s best-known discoveries. Insulin was discovered by Sir Frederick G. Banting, with the help of his assistant Charles Best and biochemist James Collip (who is often …

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